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How to place an order

1. Choose a group of goods (a type of clothes).

2. Look at the item interesting you. At the item card familiarise with the measurement table for each size, learn about the fibre content, available sizes and the price.

3. Choose an item, its colour and size, and add the item to the shopping cart. Goonchoosingclothesorplaceanorder.

4. If you place an order, sign up or make purchases as a guest. 

5. After you have input your data, check and verify. 

6. Then choose the way you want to get your order: delivery at home, delivery to a pick-up point (if the service is available in your city), express-delivery  (if the service is available in your city). Check and verify the delivery address. You can clarify tariffs and delivery time by account @namelazz, email – or by WhatsApp +7 (922) 197-51-22. Besides, details will be included on an order page in a pop-up message before payment. 

7. Confirm the order. 

8. Check and verify the order details and the way of delivery.

9. Pressthe «Place an order» button. You will automatically go to the online payment page. Pressthe «Pay» buttonandinputnecessarydata. 

10. Order which were made on friday night or on weekends we will process and send to the shipping company on Monday. In period of heavy workoald of the online store stock time of processing and sending of an order to the shipping company can reach 2 working days before payment.

11. After the shipment of your goods, you will receive an e-mail notificationwith a number to track your shipment. 

12. If you have any questions left, contact us with a toll-free number.

Enjoy your shopping!

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